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Please feel free to sell any Steel Guitar or Amplifiers etc. on this page contact us at:
DUE TO THE EXPENSES OF RUNNING THIS CLUB WEB PAGE WE ARE NOW ASKING A NOMINAL FEE OF $10.00 per Ad. Enquire about how to pay this fee when put your Ad in.



IAN ENGLERT is now Australia's SOLE Emmons Pedal Steel Guitar Agent



1 SINGLE NECK PEDAL STEEL GUITAR and 2 arriving soon

FINSIHES to the 2 double necks are 1 Black and 1 Royal Blue.

The single neck in stock right now is Birds Eye Maple. The 2 coming are 1 in Red and 1 Walnut.

Ian also has an assortment of Pedal Steel Guitar Strings

There are 3 more coming......1 more Saphire blue D10 , the same as in the photo,  1 Pecan S10...similar to the birdseye S10 in the photo, but a little darker, and an Orange/ red S10. After Ian has sold this stock the waiting time will be 1 year, so if you are looking for a new guitar don't hesitate for too long.

Contact Ian:

Ian's Phone Numbers are: Land Line 08 97555 365...or mobile 041 9123 911



IAN would like to know if anyone has a Peavey Session 400 for sale

His contact addess is: or Mobile Phone 0419123911


These Steel Guitar and Dobro Coasters will make lovely Christmas gifts for those of you who love the Steel Guitar and Dobro. They are excellent wearing and easily wiped off leaving no stains. These coasters are metallic so they don't loose their colour. I know I have some and they are used daily.

You can choose 2 of each or have all steel guitar or all dobro it's up to you.



Tab Book


Here are 2 Tablature Books with a CDs. All the songs that are on this CD beside the book. Books are available for both 6 and 8 string Hawaiian, Lap Steels and Dobros

The CDs come with the books.

Amongst the songs are: Hawaiian Hotel March; Mansion on the Hill; Maui Chimes; Over and Over; Hawaiian War Chant; Hoki Mai; Aloha Oe to name a few. In all there are 18 songs in the books and on the CDs..

Price: $35.00 each + postage $2.50 in Australia..... will sell overseas

Contact email:

Comments from a buyer: These Tabs are easy to read. I  have found I can play my A Major tunes on the G tuning very nicely, I think I prefer the lower tuning now


Chris has a PeaVey Session 500. The Amp is in good condition and these Amps are great for Steel Guitar playing

Price: $750.00

You can contact Chris on his

Mobile phone: 0418421083

Buyer to pay for freight.


FOR SALE EMMONS D10 LASHLEY LEGRANDE 11 all pull with compensators,  Beautiful Black Mica Finish, 8 pedals and 6 knee levers.
In great condition fully serviced,and checked over by Australia's Tomi Graso who is
happy to give interested buyers a run down of it. Plays great,very smooth, go to my FaceBook
for comments from people who know this Steel, from Michel Rose, Lucky Oceans and
Tomi Gasso. This beautiful guitar has been sitting in Melbourne under my bed unplayed for 2 yrs and that is not where a guitar of this calibra should be.. If anyone who is interested more photos can be forwarded to them. Price $4500. The guitar is Buyer pays freight. contact Mark email or call Mark 0418 920 664



For Sale 2009 Tom Pettingill (San Fransisco US) built Lap
Steel.  String through body - beautifully made, as new.
Price: $1000 including two spare sets LT Zinn C6 strings and
delivery anywhere in Australia. Contact Jeremy



"2007 Fender American Telecaster Deluxe. Near new condition, purchase only 6 months ago. No marks or scratches. Imported from California. Hard case included. RRP $3,499. Sell for $2,099 ONO. All offers considered.

Phone 0401 821 413."



REMINGTON STEELMASTER DOUBLE NECK LAP STEEL GUITAR one 8 string, one 6 string. 6 string  neck can be easily be converted to 8, also view this at Remington web site. George L pickups. This is an extremely precision made guitar. This gultar is housed in Melbourne.
$1600.00 includes delux case
contact Alex Burns 03 95788914 m: 041 209 1502
hear this guitar played on recent album by (adventures in paradise)


15” Peavey Black widow speaker, good condition, Contact Stuart on 0410673337 or


The CD above speaks for itself. As you can see most of the Steel Players are from Australia except for one who comes from New Zealand. These players have all had a great influence on the Steel Guitar fraternity in Australia in one way or another.

The cost:$20.00 plus postage of $5.00 for postage and handling in Australia.



Rare Melobox double-necked steel lap guitar both 6 string

Comes in the original case together with a number of the original steel slides, finger picks and spare strings. (see photo). The Guitar has been professionally cleaned and it has all new internal wiring and has new strings It has a wonderful rich sound

Price: $1400.00 ono

Location Penrith. NSW Freight covered by purchaser (about $50)

 My phone number is: Karen - 02473 30830 and my email is:



Tobacco colour in custom made padded road case with SP1 Tone Bar,  
3 Song Books by Murray Ardern for 6 String Lap Steel and 1 ‘Learn Lap Steel’ Tuition Book.  
Specifications: Luan top, body and neck, Slab body, Volume and tone controls

Sell as package for $675.00  Contact Rick, email


Damien is looking for a PACK SEAT WITH BACK

Contact: or Phone 0412 169 439


COUNTRY AND HAWAIIAN STYLES - Add a little gain and the P90 will fatten up nicely for that Blues/Rock tone.

FEATURES:Solid Victorian Ash, Bound Rosewood Fretboard, Maple Frets, Black Abalone dot fret markers. Grover Rotomatic Machine Heads, Bone String Nut, Kent Armstrong P90 Pick up. Volume and tone controls, Removable legs, 25" Scale Length. Strings: Martin Nickel Wound .016, .018, .026, .036, .046 .056.

Sale Price: $1500

Contact Chris Noonan Ph, 0422357137 or email:


Peavey Nashville 400 Amplifier
This solid state amp has been specifically designed for pedal steel and has an output of 210 W into 4 Ohm of clean headroom. Considered by many as the ultimate "Clean Machine" it is the amp of choice for many steel players. Great sound through a 15" Black Widow speaker. Excellent original condition. Heavy but dependable and virtually indestructable. Includes owners manual. Price reduced to $850 ono.
Buyer pays freight: Contact Tony on mobile 0400 800 184. or email


Peavey Delta Blues Amplifier

All-tube preamp and power amp with an output of 30 W RMS into 8 Ohm through a 15" Blue Marvel speaker which is specially voiced for a rich, full range tone. The extra high and low end makes for an exceptional sounding acoustic guitar amp with a bluesy edge. As new, no markings, no gigging, mint condition. Comes with owners manual.

 Price reduced to $750 ono.

Buyer pays freight: Contact Tony on mobile 0400 800 184. or email


Supro Lap Steel Guitar
MOTS pearloid finished body, hard-to -find double neck 6 string, all original early 1950s lap steel with original amphenol connector (easily replaced with 1/4 inch jack). Pick-ups are strong with bright and clear tone and good string separation. This is a TONE MONSTER!  Case is in reasonable condition structurally but misses original handle and one latch.

Price $650 ono. Buyer to pay freight. Contact Tony on mobile 0400 800 184. or email:



1970 Emmons Fatback D10 8x4 Rosewood. Very nice sounding and playing steel guitar in fine original condition. recently cleaned and serviced. $4500 plus shipping. Contact James:


" ZUM STEEL GUITAR D10. Like new condition. 8 x 5 Emmons set up. Two tone Birdseye maple and walnut 'V' zumstyle front apron in mica. This guitar belonged to the late George Xanthos and was formally owned by Warren 'Wazza' Nielsen. To get more details of this guitar you can contact Lorna Xanthos on 0393592936 or Warren on 32996789.

Price. $5000"


FENDER S10 3 pedals and 3 knee levers, push - pull cable mechanism.... in good condition. 1970s Case Good.

Buyer pays freight

Contact Sandra: Home Phone (07) 54989831 and Mob  0412019773 Price: 2000 negotionable.



EMMONS, S10: 3 pedals, 2 knee levers, fat back, push-pull mechanism, hard case. Well looked after.

Buyer pays freight

Price: $3000 negotiable: Contact Sandra: Home Phone (07) 54989831 and Mob  0412019773


TIESCO lap steel 6 string, this guitar has good hard case. This guitar has been very well looked after.

Buyer pays frieght Price: $400 Contact Home Phone (07) 54989831 and Mob  0412019773


The amp is a Legacy
It is a 350 w portable PA amp and stand
The items are new and the prices are for BSGC members and open to offers
Amp $300.00
Stand $50.00
Phone number 0449647218

All offers will be considered




1982 BLACK EMMONS Push – Pull D10 (8 pedals 9knee levers)
This guitar was fully rebuilt/restored by Tommy Cass (Boston USA). I purchased the guitar in 2010 with a brand new ATA Red Dirt (Texas USA) road case.
This guitar has an interesting history from California to Texas including time spent on the Grand Ole Opry USA.
The guitar is as stunning to play as it is to look at which makes it a very regretful sale, but I just cant justify having it sit under my bed anymore.
Asking price – $6900.00 inc case and custom 2inch lift kit.
Location – Albury NSW
Contact Phil 0400 099 994 or email


Sarno V8 Octal Tube Preamp  --  230 Volt version -- brand new, never been used outside the house

$600 Aus Dollars        ($720 USD new) Contact Paddy on:




ZUM S12 Universal

Serial number SD1277918 which makes it ten years old. 
Set up as a universal, but any E9 player can play it so long as you can get used to having to drop the E to D as there is no D string. 
Plays beautifully as any ZUM should, smooth and clear. 
I purchased this guitar in 2013 and had it shipped to Australia. As soon as it got here I sent it to Noel Anstead (builder of the famous Anapeg pedal steels). Noel completely re-rodded the guitar and went over everything thoroughly and did an exceptional job as always. Several new components were ordered from Bruce Zumsteg and fitted at this time. 
There are several holes in the underside of the guitar where previous levers have been anchored. 
There are some spare parts included with it, including at least one knee lever. 
Sale is best suited to someone within Australia I would think, as international shipping can really whack you, but if you are overseas and want to pay shipping I'm fine with OS shipping at your cost. 
If you don't like the pattern on the front of the guitar, order a new one of your choice from Bruce Zumsteg. 
I'm not selling because there's something wrong with it or I don't like it. Just can't justify having more than one steel at the moment with little mouths to feed etc.
No trades please, asking $3,000.00 AUD 

Come and view it and play it by all means, you won't find anything wrong with it. I live in Springwood in the Blue Mountains.


RESONATOR - approx 20 years old but in really good condition. It comes with hard case and a custom made shoulder strap. This guitar is situated in Brisbane and the asking price is $495 Contact Barry on phone (07) 3342 3096


A sweet deal on a collection of popular stomp boxes together with Avid recording studio and BIAB programme.

*LINE 6 DL4 DELAY with Loop function, (Battery powered)
*BOSS AC-3 Accoustic simulator with BOSS PSA-240 power pack,
*MXR M-134 STEREO CHORUS with power pack,
*AVID Recording Studio, (New - never used)
*BIAB 2008.5 Recording programme,

All equipment is in excellent condition still in original boxes with manuals.

New value over $900, SELLING THE LOT $500.00
Contact Phil Baker - 0400 099 994 or email

















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